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Outer Hose, Dual Tire


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The Halo Tire Inflator Inner Hose for dual applications comes in a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit for your application. The video, Identifying Halo Hose Assembly linked above can assist you in selecting the correct hose length for your application.

Outer Hose, Dual Tire, 9″ Common application(s):

* 22.5″ rim, aluminum or 2-hand-holes


Outer Hose, Dual Tire, 10″ Common application(s):

* 22.5″ rim, 5 hand holes

* 24.5″ rim, aluminum or 2-hand-holes


Outer Hose, Dual Tire, 11″ Common application(s):

* with Flowbelow areodynamic wheel covers fitting 22.5″ rim, aluminum or 2-hand-holes

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9", 10", 11"


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