Automatic Tire Inflation for Tractors & Trailers
More than 100 billion industry-proven miles
Save $2400 per Tractor Trailer Annually with Halo Automatic Tire Inflation
Extend Tire Life | Improve Fuel Economy | Maximize Uptime
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Problem: >50% of Tractor Trailer Tires are Underinflated

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A Halo Connect device installed on a tire

Halo Connect i3

Go beyond ATIS & TPMS. Discover the integrated, intelligent, inflation solutions for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Tire Health at your Fingertips

Halo Connect pairs automatic tire inflation with predictive tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) to drive meaningful savings in casing life, fuel consumption, uptime, accident & service failure avoidance. Halo Connect uses machine learning to alert early, not often, ensuring clients have the flexibility to address tire health issues in the most convenient and economical way possible.

A laptop showing a visual display of Halo Connect technology

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Environmental Impact

Installing Halos on your tires results in less diesel usage and less tire consumption. In fact, Halo delivers the most CO2 savings per dollar spent than any other truck technology available today.

Two tires on a road with grass growing behind them and Halo Connect products installed