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“Halo’s give us peace of mind and assurance that our tires are taken care of. Both the Halo system and the team at Aperia are efficient and reliable.”

– Greg Sullivan, Maintenance Manager

Halo Tire Inflator Review: Marvin Keller Trucking Inc. rests assured with Halo and Halo Connect.

Marvin Keller Trucking started out as a small family-owned business in Sullivan, Illinois back in 1965. Since then, the company has successfully expanded with family values at the heart of the business. 

Since running Halo in 2019, Marvin Keller has seen a significant reduction in both tire wear and maintenance costs. Today they run Halos on 80 trucks with FlowBelow integration.

“We typically change out our wide base tires around 275k miles. We just pulled a set off at 400k thanks to Halo!”

– Greg Sullivan, Maintenance Manager

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Kuperus Trucking

Kuperus Trucking

“In the past year, we have tracked extended tire life thanks to Halo Tire Management. The system allows us to get ahead of potential tire



“We saw a dramatic improvement in tire life and cut our downtime by more than 95%. Tire blowouts used to be a daily struggle and

Allen Land Trucking

“Halo Tire Management has paid for itself multiple times over. Thanks to the Halo’s ability to fight tire leaks I can get back to my