Automatic Tire Inflation for Tractors & Trailers
More than 20 billion industry-proven miles
Save $2400 per Tractor Trailer Annually with Halo Automatic Tire Inflation
Extend Tire Life | Improve Fuel Economy | Maximize Uptime


Landair has been running Halos since 2016 and has seen a 5% increase in fuel efficiency as a result.

“Landair made Halo standard on all new trucks and we’ve seen a 5% increase in fuel efficiency and double-digit improvement in tire life, and that is due to Halo keeping our tires at optimal inflation.” 

– Matt Duncan, Director of Maintenance and Procurement, Landair

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“One of our drivers ran over a large bolt that caused a hole in one of the tires. Halo kept tire pressure until the driver could pull over.” Matt Duncan added “We are seeing fewer road calls from trucks running Halos because they are no longer experiencing these blowouts.”

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