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Driving Emissions Reduction: Aperia Technologies’ Halo Tire Management® Solutions for a Greener Planet

In the global effort to reduce emissions and protect our planet, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a significant concern. Commercial trucks, vital for transporting goods across the country, greatly contribute to these emissions. The US EPA has indicated that transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., accounting for around 28% … Read more

Impactful CVSA Change Validates Use of Automatic Tire Inflation Systems to Reduce Tire Blowouts

CVSA Change Validates Use of Automatic Tire Inflation Systems

On April 1, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) made an impactful change, which significantly reduces the likelihood of an Out-of-Service Criteria violation for trucks and trailers equipped with automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS). CVSA adopted an amendment to the North American Standard OOSC which allows tires that have a noticeable leak in the tread … Read more

Maximizing Fleet Uptime and Customer Satisfaction: Why Leading Fleets are Coupling Tire Management with Vehicle Asset Tracking

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, every minute counts. Downtime due to unexpected maintenance issues can be a costly affair, impacting not only your bottom line but also customer satisfaction. To address this challenge, coupling vehicle asset tracking with predictive tire health insights has emerged as a game-changing solution that can empower fleet managers … Read more

Safety & Trucking: Best Practices for Avoiding CVSA Violations

2023 CVSA Inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), best known for enforcing motor vehicle and driver safety regulations across North America, can make or break a carrier’s reputation. CVSA checks cover vehicle upkeep, driver operating requisites, and recordkeeping. These checks are intended to unearth potential hazards, curb accidents, and boost industry-wide adherence. This blog delves into how … Read more

Navigating the Evolving Trucking Landscape: The Power of Automatic Tire Inflation and Predictive Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

In the fast-paced realm of the trucking industry, where regulations shift, technologies emerge, and economic uncertainties loom, a new era of innovation has taken the wheel. The integration of automatic tire inflation and predictive tire analytics technologies has swiftly evolved into a cornerstone of success for the industry. They address multifaceted challenges while propelling efficiency, … Read more

Elevating Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency: The Unparalleled Value of Auto-Tire Inflation Systems

Semi Truck Fuel Efficiency

Every long-haul trucker and fleet manager knows the importance of semi-truck fuel efficiency. With soaring fuel prices and an increasing emphasis on sustainability, the trucking industry is in constant pursuit of ways to optimize fuel consumption. Enter auto-tire inflation systems – a game-changer. It’s making waves in the industry, with credible organizations like the North … Read more

Beyond Standard TPMS: The Crucial Role of Customizable Tire Health Alerts

Customized Tire Health Alerts

As commercial vehicle fleets strive for peak performance and efficiency, tire health monitoring plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety, reducing downtime, and minimizing operational costs. While standard Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) offer valuable insights into tire pressure, they often fall short in meeting the diverse and specific requirements of modern fleets. Let’s delve … Read more

The Power of Unified Tire Management: Why a Single Tractor/Trailer Solution is Essential

power of unified tire maangement

Efficient tire management is crucial for the performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness of commercial vehicle fleets. When it comes to managing tires across tractors and trailers, adopting a unified tire management solution brings numerous benefits. A single solution that covers both tractors and trailers streamlines operations, improves maintenance practices, and optimizes cost savings. In this blog, … Read more

Cost-Effective Auto-Tire Inflation:

A Key to Preventing Semi-Trailer Blowouts

A Key to Preventing Semi-Trailer Tire Blowouts In the trucking industry, semi-trailer tire blowouts pose a significant risk to road safety and operational efficiency. As you may have experienced, they not only cause unforeseen downtime but also contribute to hefty repair costs. Luckily, proactive and cost-effective measures such as consistent auto-tire inflation can mitigate these … Read more

What is the recommended tire inflation pressure for semi-trucks?

Maintaining the correct tire inflation pressure for semi-trucks is crucial for ensuring the safety of both the truck driver and other road users. Preventing underinflation also prolongs the life of the tires and improves fuel efficiency. But, what is the recommended tire inflation pressure for semi-trucks? The recommended tire inflation pressure for semi-trucks is typically … Read more