Automatic Tire Inflation for Tractors & Trailers
More than 100 billion industry-proven miles
Save $2400 per Tractor Trailer Annually with Halo Automatic Tire Inflation
Extend Tire Life | Improve Fuel Economy | Maximize Uptime

Creating a Winter Tire Program

Winter driving is difficult, and improperly inflated tires make it even harder. Under-inflated tires cause the vehicle to handle sluggishly and require even longer stopping distance. One simple solution is the Halo® automatic tire inflation from Aperia. It’s a simple, elegant solution that monitors and keep your tires at precisely the right pressure at all times. With more than one billion miles logged, fleets average an increase of 2.5% better fuel efficiency and have added 15% more life to their tires.

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The Future Has Arrived

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The Drive Toward Electric

Electric vehicles have been around for decades, but experts had long looked upon them more as a novelty than a serious competitor to the internal

Breathe More Life Info Your Tires

It takes years to grow a trucking fleet from the ground up. You have to navigate economic downturns and a never-ending maze of regulations to