Automatic Tire Inflation for Tractors & Trailers
More than 50 billion industry-proven miles
Save $2400 per Tractor Trailer Annually with Halo Automatic Tire Inflation
Extend Tire Life | Improve Fuel Economy | Maximize Uptime

NACFE Study Shows Halo Paves the Way

Disrupting the tire segment, one long-haul at a time. These days, there are many good reasons—as well as financial and environment imperatives—for fleets to become more fuel efficient: Cost and unpredictability of fuel cost, regulations, public interest, and demand for more sustainable transport solutions are all important. These factors affect both the bottom line and the planet. There are more options than ever to help fleets cut their emissions—and Halo is on the cutting edge. The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) annual Fleet Fuel Study is “a critical resource to any fleet owner/ operator, as well as manufacturers.” (Rob Reich, EVP, Chief Administrative Office Schneider.)

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The Future Has Arrived

The statistics behind the “Internet of Things” (IoT) are as dizzying as the possibilities. By the middle of this decade, the freight transportation and logistics

The Drive Toward Electric

Electric vehicles have been around for decades, but experts had long looked upon them more as a novelty than a serious competitor to the internal

Breathe More Life Info Your Tires

It takes years to grow a trucking fleet from the ground up. You have to navigate economic downturns and a never-ending maze of regulations to