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Celebrating Earth Day 2021

At Aperia Technologies, we are celebrating Earth Day everyday. It is our mission to transform the freight transportation industry through technology innovation, and our work to create more sustainable and affordable fleet tire programs has realized significant environmental benefits.

By eliminating tire underinflation with our Halo Tire Inflator, an average trucking fleet with 1,000 class 8 trucks can save 212,000 gallons of diesel, reduce 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions, and save 1,400 tires every year, all while saving more than $2.2 million annually. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is equivalent to removing 600 passenger cars driven for one year, recycling 930 tons of waste rather than landfilling, or growing 45,000 tree seedlings. We can take this notion even further and consider the vision of Aperia to equip every heavy-duty commercial truck in the United States with the Halo tire management platform, which would reduce carbon emissions by nine million tons and keep five million tires out of landfills every year!

We are proud that the EPA has taken notice of our work. Earlier this year, our Halo Tire Inflator won the EPA’s Clean Air Excellence Award. This recognition is the EPA’s highest national award to honor a project for its impact, innovation, and replicability in improving the nation’s air quality.

Our work is far from done, however. And we need your help to make a bigger difference. A lot of people do not realize how much even a small effort can effect change. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Change starts with each of us. As part of this year’s Earth Day theme of “Restore Our Earth,” we want to share a series of green tips. While professional truck drivers are top of mind for us, of course, the truth is that all drivers could use these tips to create a more sustainable planet.

Scrap the tire stockpile.

Improper tire disposal can create a public health hazard, releasing heavy metals and chemicals in the soil and air as well as becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos. Let’s get rid of tire stockpiles (which are essentially landfills of scrap tires). Try recycling old tires through a tire reclamation program or start your own tire jockey business collecting and properly disposing of or recycling scrap tires!

Idleness is not just the devil’s workshop.

Sitting idle in a truck wastes fuel. It’s a myth that restarting your engine multiple times burns more fuel than idling. American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that idling consumes an estimated 1.1 billion gals. of diesel fuel every year. Turn your engine off if it’s been running longer than the length of a traffic light and you aren’t moving. Your company and the environment will thank you.

Give worn tires another life.

Millions of tires can live a second or even third life, thanks to the retread tire industry. In fact, retreaded tires are one of the most environmentally friendly recycled products in the world. So retread your fleet’s tires, if you haven’t already. Save yourself some green while you go green for the earth.

Slow down, Cole Trickle.

Speeding wastes fuel! A truck traveling at 75 mph consumes 27% more fuel than one going 65 mph; so limiting truck speed to 65 mph would save 2.8 billion gallons of diesel fuel over a decade. So tell your drivers to slow down. Fuel savings is better for the company’s green as well as the environment.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What’s best for your fleet’s wallet and the environment is to keep your trucks running efficiently for as long as possible. Plenty of issues can be prevented if fleets are well maintained. Stay on top of tire pressure with Aperia’s Halo Tire Inflator. Check oil, lug nuts, and lubricate your trucks. Invest in training to make sure your drivers and other personnel prioritize maintenance.

Don’t kick your tires, gauge them.

Kicking tires doesn’t actually communicate if a tire is properly inflated. Poor tire inflation leads to damaged tires, accidents, roadside costs and tire trash on the highways. We’ve tracked billions of miles of fleets, and the best way to check air pressure on a tire is to use our automatic tire inflation technology, which both monitors and maintains optimal tire pressure. The second best way to check tire pressure is to use a gauge. Simple science sometimes works the best and costs the least.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to keep going, Earth Day has their own 51 tips to mark 51 years of Earth Day celebrations. Feel free to let us know how you’re going green this year. We’d love to include your sustainability tips in future posts.

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