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Aperia Technologies introduces an innovative system for managing tires and self-inflation capabilities, Halo Connect i3™

Aperia Technologies has unveiled the Halo Connect i3, a new fleet tire management and self-inflation system designed for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The system integrates tire monitoring with automatic inflation and expands on the company’s previous fleet tire management solutions. The Halo Connect i3 aims to enhance commercial vehicle efficiency and uptime by offering integrated pressure sensing, remote pressure set point adjustment, configurable alerts, and customized inflation settings. This article here provides valuable insights into the technological advancements and benefits of this groundbreaking system for various fleets.

Aperia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ralph Dimenna, highlighted the system’s connectivity features, allowing communication with the inflators through various tire pressure monitoring protocols. The introduction of this comprehensive solution addresses the demand for commercial tire management technology that can be applied across medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

“We’ve got a brand-new inflation offer, completely connected, which now unlocks the Halo solution for all medium-duty fleets and is a better and more performant product for our traditional heavy-duty product”
-Ralph Dimenna, Chief Commercial Officer

The Halo Connect i3 delivers commercial vehicle tire analytics for every wheel position, providing real-time insights into the status of each tire on the vehicle. Customers can configure the system at individual terminals, across the entire fleet, or for a specific truck. The system considers environmental conditions, such as temperature, to prevent false alerts. Aperia’s algorithms tested over 100 billion real-world road miles in the past decade, contributing to the system’s ability to understand tire performance and inflation dynamics, allowing fleets to optimize their tire maintenance programs effectively. The announcement occurred during a news conference at the 2024 Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in New Orleans.

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