Automatic Tire Inflation for Tractors & Trailers
More than 50 billion industry-proven miles
Save $2400 per Tractor Trailer Annually with Halo Automatic Tire Inflation
Extend Tire Life | Improve Fuel Economy | Maximize Uptime
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Halo is a proven, self-powered, and easy to install inflation device that uses a wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tire pressure in dual and wide-base tires on tractors and trailers

Halo Inflator logo

Halo is a proven, self-powered, and easy to install inflation device that uses a wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tire pressure in dual and wide-base tires on tractors and trailers

Halo Tire Inflator

Halo Tire Inflator

Halo Connect system

Halo Connect

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Halo Tire Inflator

Each kit includes Halos, Brackets, and necessary Hoses for worry-free installation.

In a class by itself, Halo is a proven, self-powered automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) for tractor drive tires and trailers that uses a wheel’s rotation to maintain optimal tire pressure. It improves fuel economy and road safety while reducing tire expenditures, downtime, and maintenance costs.

Note: Each Halo will arrive pre-set to fleet’s target cold inflation pressure and cannot be adjusted in the field. Please carefully select target CIP prior to adding the product to your cart to ensure the correct product is received.

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Tire Pressure 101

Underinflated tires lead to downtime and cause a lot of reactive fire fighting for most carriers. According to a study by the Department of Transportation, only 55% of heavy truck and trailer tires are within the optimal pressure range, dropping down to 17% in the winter months.Where are you in that statistic?

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NACFE Recognizes Halo

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) highlights a 168 percent increase in tractor automatic tire inflation (ATI) adoption, while stand-alone adoption of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) has decreased by 18 percent.

Protect Your Uptime

According to an ATA benchmark study, vehicles equipped with Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) run two times farther without experiencing tire-related downtime. Effective tire pressure management goes a long way in reducing downtime!

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Investing in Technology Makes Good Business Sense

Tires are a top expense for fleets. Keeping them at the ideal pressure maximizes life, reduces unplanned downtime, increases fuel economy and enhances overall highway safety. Learn how Halo automatic tire inflation (ATIS) has helped thousands of carriers improve their bottom line.

Stop Over-Inflating Tire Results: ATIS vs. TPMS

Tires need actual air to deliver real-world savings and eliminate downtime events. Often Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) do nothing more than send mountains of data to your desk with promises of unattainable results. Instead, the actual air from Halo resolves >90% of tire issues, and Halo Connect prescriptive insights to cut through the noise created by TPMS.

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A man attaching a Halo Tire Inflator

Easy Installation

Halo installs in 5-10 minutes, and doesn’t require any specialized tools. The compact, self-contained design attaches directly to the hub of the wheel and is built to withstand even the toughest conditions, making it virtually maintenance free. Halo Connect predictive tire pressure management (TPMS) installs similarly to any telematics kit. While simple to self-install, Aperia has a network of partners ready to support your unique installation needs.

Industry-Proven Durability

Lab tested for a million miles, and road-tested for 20 billion, the rugged durability of the Halo Tire Inflator and Halo Connect Predictive Tire Management stands the test of time in the most challenging environments.


Made In America

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Celebrating Earth Day 2021

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