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Catch up on the latest product updates, new coverage, promotions and more!


Catch up on the latest product updates, new coverage, promotions and more!

Aperia Unveils Halo Tire Management, Adds Trailers to Halo Connect
March 8, 2023
Building on its existing suite of Halo-branded tire management solutions, Aperia Technologies’ new Halo Tire Management platform brings predictive analytics to wheel-end maintenance.
Amazon Investing in Safety Technology for Middle-Mile, Last-Mile Fleet
March 7 2023
Amazon is spending $200 million on safety technology across its transportation network in 2023. A recent website post highlighted some of the technology-based safety and sustainability solutions it’s continuing to invest in and expand upon this year.
Aperia launches new tire management tools
March 3, 2023
Aperia Technologies is offering fleets new capabilities to track and manage trailer tires through Halo Trailer Connect, launched at the spring meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council.
Aperia Expands Halo Tire Analytics Platform to Trailers
February 21, 2023
Aperia Technologies is expanding its Halo Connect tire analytics offering to trailers with the introduction of Halo Trailer Connect. The new product enables fleets to monitor the condition of all tractor and trailer tires through a single platform to optimize tire life, prevent equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
Aperia extends tire analytics to trailers
February 28, 2023
Aperia Technologies’ predictive tire analytics platform now covers trucks and trailers. The company unveiled Halo Trailer Connect—which uniquely expands its active tire inflation hardware and predictive maintenance software to all wheel positions—and introduced the Halo Tire Management platform Feb. 27 during a presentation for trade press at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2023 Annual Meeting.
Three reasons to shift to predictive truck maintenance
February 21, 2023
Most fleets take a preventive approach to maintenance–pulling a truck off the road for scheduled service based on a predetermined number of miles or hours in operation. Unfortunately, when minor problems arise between service intervals, what started as a minor issue can rapidly spiral into a more expensive repair that forces a vehicle out of service.


The NACFE Fuel Study: 5 Key Takeaways

After three years of anticipation, the North American Council for Fleet Efficiency released its 2022 Fleet Fuel Study in December. The study evaluates the efficiency