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Catch up on the latest product updates, new coverage, promotions and more!


Catch up on the latest product updates, new coverage, promotions and more!

Image of fleet manager overlooking all vehicle asset tracking featured by Halo Tire Management by Aperia
Aperia Adds Asset Tracking to Halo Tire Management Platform
November 28th, 2023
“Data-driven decision-making is paramount in fleet management,” said Judith Monte, vice president at Aperia Technologies. “Since tires are the leading cause of unplanned asset downtime, understanding when and where they need servicing is crucial to maximize the utilization of tractors, trailers, and tires.”
Aperia Headquarters
Aperia Technologies Unveils State-of-the-Art New Headquarters, Marking a Milestone in Sustainable Growth and Innovation
September 13th, 2023
“The expansion marks a pivotal moment in Aperia’s journey,” said Josh Carter, CEO at Aperia. “Our new headquarters represents Aperia’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the transportation industry, while providing our talented team with a dynamic environment to thrive in.”
Tire Tracks: Eyes on TPMS, retreads, and telematics
July 27 2023
The annual meeting of American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council provides a good overview of the latest trends in trucks, tractors, and trailers. Exhibitors there include the major OEMs and their associated suppliers in every field imaginable. If it’s related to fleet maintenance for commercial vehicles, it’s probably at TMC’s meeting.
What Predictive Maintenance Can Bring to Truck Tire Management
March 14, 2023
Truck service data is reaching the point where predictive maintenance is close to becoming a reality. If this year’s TMC is any indication, tires are a maintenance focus that will see a bloom of data, the goal being to prevent unplanned tire service needs that put your equipment on the side of the road.
Aperia Unveils Halo Tire Management, Adds Trailers to Halo Connect
March 8, 2023
Building on its existing suite of Halo-branded tire management solutions, Aperia Technologies’ new Halo Tire Management platform brings predictive analytics to wheel-end maintenance.
Amazon Investing in Safety Technology for Middle-Mile, Last-Mile Fleet
March 7 2023
Amazon is spending $200 million on safety technology across its transportation network in 2023. A recent website post highlighted some of the technology-based safety and sustainability solutions it’s continuing to invest in and expand upon this year.