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Goodyear Launches Tire Subscription Plan for Fleets

Available for commercial and last-mile delivery fleets in the U.S. and Europe, Goodyear’s tires-as-a-service offering can help save time and improve total cost of ownership through outsourced tire management from this subscription-based solution. This is designed to increase uptime, reduce vehicle breakdown events, decrease fuel consumption and more.

One of the Key features of the pay-per-mileage subscription is the Halo® Tire Inflator. A self-powered automatic tire inflation system installed on applicable wheel ends (through an exclusive agreement with Aperia Technologies)

In recent pilots, the tires-as-a-service solution helped reduce total cost of ownership, contributing to a nearly 80% reduction in emergency vehicle breakdown events and a 100% reduction in customer-owned inventory for a last-mile delivery fleet operating in the U.S. Similarly, Goodyear’s new subscription helped a commercial fleet in Europe experience a nearly 50% reduction in emergency breakdown events and up to 4% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the prior year.