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“Landair has seen a 5% increase in fuel efficiency and double-digit improvement in tire life since making Halo a standard spec.”

– Matt Duncan, Director of Maintenance and Procurement

Halo Tire Inflator Review: Landair Looks for a Proven Technology to Bolster its Bottom Line

After realizing strong fuel, tire life, and uptime benefits, Landair makes Halo Automatic Tire Inflation a standard specification.

Landair is a privately owned, asset-based transportation and logistics company that has been running Halos since 2016. Before making Halo a standard specification across the fleet Landair tested the equipment to ensure a strong ROI.

In the study, the Halo Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) for tractors and trailers was equipped on intentionally under-inflated tires. This gave the company a sense of Halo’s ability to mitigate under-inflation in the fleet. Tire pressure was then measured continuously for the duration of the study. Over the course of Landair’s Halo Automatic Tire Inflation study, Halo-equipped tires maintained target pressure even while actively fighting leaks. The control, non- Halo tires gradually became under-inflated.

“One of our drivers ran over a large bolt that caused a hole in one of the tires. Halo kept tire pressure until the driver could pull over. We are seeing fewer road calls from trucks running Halos because they are no longer experiencing these blowouts.”

– Matt Duncan, Director of Maintenance and Procurement

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Kuperus Trucking

Kuperus Trucking

“In the past year, we have tracked extended tire life thanks to Halo Tire Management. The system allows us to get ahead of potential tire



“We saw a dramatic improvement in tire life and cut our downtime by more than 95%. Tire blowouts used to be a daily struggle and

Allen Land Trucking

“Halo Tire Management has paid for itself multiple times over. Thanks to the Halo’s ability to fight tire leaks I can get back to my