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Aperia’s New Halo Connect i3 Offers Control Over Tires at All Wheel Positions

Aperia Technologies launched Halo Connect i3, an integrated, intelligent, automatic inflation solution that goes beyond automatic tire inflation and monitoring offerings.

Halo Connect i3 allows fleets to optimize efficiency and maximize uptime with integrated pressure sensing, remote pressure set point adjustment, configurable alerts, and customized inflation settings.

Equipped with Bluetooth, RF, CAN, GPS, and LTE connectivity, Halo Connect i3 allows two-way communication, seamlessly integrating with other vehicle devices and fleet management systems, enabling comprehensive monitoring, adjustment, and control.

With pressure monitoring integrated into the Halo Tire Inflator, there’s no need for separate TPMS sensors, resulting in more reliable and accurate pressure management.

According to Aperia, Halo Connect i3 is the first of its kind in the industry, allowing fleets to have complete control of all truck and trailer wheel positions. This intelligent alerting and analytics engine enables fleets to preemptively take action to address issues before they escalate.

“We now have a single, fleet-wide, comprehensive program that gives the same type of solution that we’ve been offering our heavy-duty customers for medium-duty fleets and trailers. For the first time, we are bringing dynamic setpoint configuration monitoring and adjustment to the industry. And that is combined with fully connected inflators that fleets can communicate with in two ways through all the different communication protocols.” – Ralph Dimenna, Chief Commercial Officer 

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