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Aperia Continues to Launch Industry Firsts with Latest Halo Connect i3

Aperia Technologies is proud to introduce its latest groundbreaking innovation: the Halo Connect i3™. Engineered to confront the challenges encountered by fleet operators head-on, this advanced automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) propels tire management to unprecedented levels. 

Equipped with Bluetooth, RF, CAN, GPS, and LTE connectivity, the Halo Connect i3 offers a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless integration with existing fleet management systems. This ensures real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance alerts are easily accessible, empowering fleet managers to optimize operations with unparalleled precision. 

“It’s a whole bunch of firsts for the market.” 
– Ralph Dimenna, Chief Commercial Officer

By leveraging data-driven insights, operators can extend tire life, enhance fuel economy, and minimize downtime, all while bolstering safety on the road. Join us in shaping the future of fleet optimization with the Halo Connect i3 from Aperia Technologies.

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