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“Before Halo Tire Management, our biggest challenge was roadside calls. Now, thanks to Halo, we’ve been able to bring a lot of our vehicles home rather than getting them serviced out on the road.“

Craig Lemmons, Director of Maintenance

Signature Transport’s Success Story with Aperia’s Halo Tire Management

Signature Transport started as a small family-owned business in Kelso, Washington 57 years ago. Today, this fleet services diverse applications, including the transportation of wood residuals, and live and heavy loads. It offers a broad assortment of assets, such as specialty trailers, flatbeds, and dry vans. Tires have historically proven to be Signature’s second largest cost following labor; the fleet runs wide base tires on their 95 trucks for the fuel efficiency benefits. Before deploying Halo Tire Management Technology in 2019, their tire maintenance program consisted of weekly yard checks thumping tires. Once Halo was introduced to the operation, Craig Lemmons, director of Maintenance, was more at ease. “It was a good fit for us in that we could just put Halo on and forget about it.”

Durability and the ease of retrofitting Halo were large factors in their speccing decision. In fact, Craig’s team conveniently removes Halos from out-of-service trucks and re-installs them on new vehicles for a second life. Technicians love the simple design of the Halo, and drivers love its ability to fight slow leaks, keeping them safe and on time, instead of requiring an emergency road call. Signature Transport has experienced a significant reduction in roadside calls due to tire failure while running Halos. With reduced emergency service, Signature has saved money on downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, Halo has considerably improved tread wear for Signature, ultimately leading to extended tire life across the fleet.

Aperia’s automatic tire inflation solution has proven invaluable for Signature’s operation. This fleet has realized value in the time, money, and resources saved by Halo. It enables them to achieve their safety and service goals while expanding their operation.

“With our wide base tires being our number two cost, the extended tire life and improved tread wear Halo provides has been incredibly impactful. We have seen a big difference in how often we change tires.”

– Craig Lemmons, Director of Maintenance

For more information on how Aperia’s tire management solutions can enhance your fleet’s profitability, schedule a call with us.

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“Before Halo Tire Management, our biggest challenge was roadside calls. Now, thanks to Halo, we’ve been able to bring a lot of our vehicles home

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