Inflado automático de neumáticos para tractores y remolques
Más de 50 mil millones de millas probadas en la industria
Ahorre $ 2400 por remolque de tractor anualmente con el inflado automático de neumáticos Halo
Prolongue la vida útil de los neumáticos | Mejore la Economía de Combustible | Maximice el tiempo de actividad

“Halo es un gran producto, bien diseñado y fácil de instalar. Me gusta mucho la función de generación de informes de connect: me ayuda a estar al tanto del estado de los neumáticos de la flota”.

Matt Rose, gerente de mantenimiento

Revisión de Halo Tire Management: ERL Intermodal Corporation dice que usar Halo Connect es tan intuitivo que es una segunda naturaleza

ERL Intermodal is the epitome of the American dream. What started in 1979 as a 2-truck business in Utica, New York, is now 60 trucks strong connecting upstate New York to all major East Coast ports. Like most trucking fleets, ERL was looking to find ways to improve tire life and reduce debilitating tire-related downtime. The ability to quickly comprehend and integrate data with their existing telematics platform was a critical fleet requirement. So testing Aperia’s Geotab integration on their International trucks was also an important aspect of ERL’s technology evaluation.

After installing the Halo Tire Inflator and Halo Connect predictive tire management platform on a handful of trucks in 2019, ERL quickly recognized the overwhelming reduction in roadside calls and downtime. This benefit alone supported the business case for ERL to deploy the technology fleet-wide. The Halo Tire Management system is so simple to use and integrate into ERL’s business practices. In fact, this has ensured that ERL’s maintenance team and drivers remain engaged with the technology. This ensures that trucks leaving their terminals have healthy tires. Therefore, when issues occur over the road, they are addressed efficiently and economically as opposed to on the side of the road.

“Nuestros conductores pueden escanear el código QR de conexión para comprobar el estado de los neumáticos antes de salir del patio. Ahora, nuestro equipo de mantenimiento y los conductores trabajan juntos para mantener las llantas saludables. Solo por esa razón, el sistema se ha pagado solo. Halo Tire Management es invaluable para nuestra flota”.

– Steve Sperbeck, director general

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