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“We saw a dramatic improvement in tire life and cut our downtime by more than 95%. Tire blowouts used to be a daily struggle and they are not something we talk about anymore.” 

David Voronin, President & CEO

Halo Tire Management Review: Halo Tire Management virtually eliminates tire blowouts across MigWay’s fleet, increasing fleet profitability and client satisfaction.

The importance of the details in expedited freight cannot be overstated. With Halo and Halo Connect, MigWay gains real-time insights into tire pressure and maintenance needs. This ensures that the fleet operates at peak performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing the risk of costly breakdowns due to tire failure.

David Voronin, president of MigWay, who was looking for a solution to the constant tire issues impacting asset utilization, on-time deliveries, and the bottom line. David saw Halo equipped on a Ryder truck and tested some out in his own fleet. Soon, he recognized the technology, coupled with the Halo tire analytics platform, was the solution he had been looking for.

Tire blowouts, once a daily struggle, are no longer a concern at MigWay. David credits this to Halo’s ability to keep tires at target pressure and even out pressure between dual tires. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in tire life, cutting downtime by more than 95%.

Moreover, Aperia’s commitment to seamless connectivity further impressed David. Integrating the Halo Connect system onto his tractors and trailers, he gained real-time insights into tire health and pre-trip inspections, allowing him to proactively address issues and train drivers. The live views and reporting feature proved invaluable in optimizing fleet performance and ensuring driver and technician accountability.

The positive impact of Aperia’s solutions on David’s fleet is a testament to the shared values between Migway and Aperia. These are a dedication to success, safety, and reliability. By choosing Halo Tire Management, David not only saves money but also elevates fleet and driver safety while protecting their valuable hours of service.

As David continues to enhance his fleet’s performance and foster a culture of improvement with Aperia’s innovative technology, the partnership between Migway and Aperia continues to strengthen, creating a seamless alliance for success on the road ahead.

“The level of control and monitoring delivered by Halo Tire Management across our tractors and trailers has been a game-changer for our operations, allowing us to focus on building the bigger picture.”

– David Voronin, President & CEO

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