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“In the past year, we have tracked extended tire life thanks to Halo Tire Management. The system allows us to get ahead of potential tire issues and plan service before tractors and trailers hit the road. If a tire issue arises while on the road, the Halo Tire Inflator actively inflates the affected tire, and we direct the driver to get it fixed early, preventing a roadside call.”

Brent Oberle, Chief Operating Officer

Fuel Efficiency Champion: Kuperus Trucking’s Success Story with Aperia’s Halo Tire Management

Kuperus Trucking, a renowned leader in fuel efficiency and sustainability has forged an impressive path to success with Aperia’s Halo Tire Management technology. As a shining example of what’s possible, Kuperus has increased its fuel economy to an astounding 9 MPG. This far surpasses the national fleet average of 6.5 MPG. Kuperus raises the bar for industry-wide tire management solutions thanks to Aperia Technologies’ automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) and predictive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Brent Oberle, Chief Operating Officer at Kuperus Trucking, reveals that the implementation of Aperia’s Halo Tire Management program was driven by the need to enhance profitability and efficiency. With super singles tires, the cost of tire failure is significant, necessitating proactive measures. The Halo Tire Management system, equipped with predictive analytics, empowers Kuperus to preempt potential tire issues. Consequently, they are able to strategize their interventions effectively.

Aperia’s Halo ATIS and predictive TPMS technology have allowed Kuperus to extend tire life and reduce fuel consumption. Not only that, but they have been able to avoid costly roadside calls as well. Undoubtedly, this evolution from a manual approach to a data-driven, automated system led to substantial savings and improved operational efficiency. As a testament to Kuperus’s commitment to sustainability, the Halo Tire Management system aligns perfectly with the fleet’s eco-friendly values.

Aperia’s dedication to delivering simple-to-use, reliable products is mirrored in the seamless integration of the Halo Connect predictive analytics system. Therefore, Kuperus Trucking’s success story showcases how Halo Tire Management is not just a tool, but a catalyst for transformation. It empowers fleets of all sizes to achieve exceptional fuel efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener future.

“Before Halo and Halo Connect, our tire management program was a manual process. Today, the notifications that Halo Tire Management provides have become crucial to our operation. The program has been seamless for our driver and as a result, we are not burdened by the extra cost of replacement tires and roadside service.”

– Brent Oberle, Chief Operating Officer

For more information on how Aperia’s predictive analytics system can revolutionize your fleet’s tire management, schedule a call with us. Join the ranks of industry leaders like Kuperus Trucking and unlock the true potential of tire management technology.

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“In the past year, we have tracked extended tire life thanks to Halo Tire Management. The system allows us to get ahead of potential tire