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What kind of equipment should semi truck drivers have on hand to inflate or check the inflation of their tires?

As a semi-truck driver, maintaining the proper inflation of your tires is essential for both safety and fuel efficiency. Having the right equipment on hand to inflate or check the inflation of your tires is crucial for keeping your rig on the road.

At Aperia, we recommend auto-tire inflation for your semi-truck and trailer with Halo, so you never have to worry about tire inflation issues.

However, if you prefer the hard way, first and foremost, every semi-truck driver should carry a reliable tire pressure gauge. This will allow you to accurately check the inflation of your tires, both before and during your journey. A digital gauge with a backlit display is a good choice as it will be easy to read even in low light conditions.

Next, you should carry a portable air compressor that can inflate your tires if needed. A compressor with a built-in pressure gauge will help you know when your tires are at the correct pressure. Additionally, a compressor with a cigarette lighter adapter will allow you to inflate your tires while on the road.

Additionally, it’s important to have a tire repair kit on hand. This should include a tire plug kit, a tire repair patch, and a tire repair string. These will allow you to make a temporary repair on the road if you experience a puncture.

Finally, some semi-truck drivers like to carry a tread depth gauge, which will allow you to check the tread depth of your tires, and ensure that they are safe to drive on.

In summary, having the right equipment on hand to inflate or check the inflation of your tires is essential for every semi-truck driver. A reliable tire pressure gauge, a portable air compressor, a tire repair kit, and a tread depth gauge are all essential pieces of equipment that will help keep you on the road, and ensure that your tires are in good condition. Regularly checking your tires for inflation and wear, and making any necessary repairs, will help ensure the safety of yourself, your rig and other drivers on the road.

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