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How to Counteract Rising Costs with Technology

Fuel and tire prices may be skyrocketing, but Halo can bring your operating costs back down to earth with its fuel-efficiency benefits.


Record-breaking is one way to describe today’s fuel prices. Unpredictable is another. Rising costs hurt all drivers; provoke fear of the future and a re-evaluation of operational budgeting. Less widely discussed, but just as consequential is the current state of tire production and demand. 


Tire prices have steadily risen in the past year as the cost of manufacturing and transit overseas intensifies. A whopping 90 percent of the natural rubber supply comes from Asia, and the increase in demand for this raw material continues despite the cost of tariffs. The tariff rate is averaging 30%. In consequence, we see all major manufacturers increase prices. Bridgestone and Firestone, for instance, increased prices by 14% just this February.

Fleet managers are met with more economic challenges by the day. As the future becomes more costly and unpredictable, it’s crucial now more than ever to take initiative and adapt accordingly. The good news is, Aperia’s advanced tire inflation technology serves as a dependable, long-term solution to help drivers and fleets pivot in congruence with the market.  

Because tire underinflation doesn’t just cause downtime, it destroys tires and drains fuel tanks; Aperia’s Halo automatic tire inflation system is one sure solution in uncertain times. Halo allows for complete tire optimization by extending valuable tire life by 20% and puts every drop of fuel to work by increasing a vehicle’s miles per gallon by up to 2%. This means you receive the total value you paid for from your tires and fuel.

The Halo is a reliable product, and unlike rising fuel and tire costs, it is also good for business. An investment in Halo technology delivers a strong ROI and a million miles of optimized drive time. Contact us today to learn more about Halo’s proven mpg and tire life benefits so you can begin counteracting the impact of rising costs on your bottom line. 


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