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Appreciation for Trucking Through the Years: 1950s vs Today

A truck between the words "1950" and "Today"

As we approach National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we decided to turn back time and see just how far the industry has come and how much we have to truly appreciate. Since the start of the pandemic, truck drivers have taken on a lot of additional weight, both figuratively and literally, to transport goods across … Read more

Made In America

Industrial designer and inventor James Dyson once said: “Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles, and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” Recently, President Joe Biden released his 2022 budget request to Congress, and it includes one of his signature proposals, the American Jobs Plan. … Read more

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Image of a truck driving fast across a plain, with Earth in the horizon.

At Aperia Technologies, every day is Earth Day. It is our mission to transform the freight transportation industry through technology innovation, and our work to create more sustainable and affordable fleet tire programs has realized significant environmental benefits. By eliminating tire underinflation with our Halo Tire Inflator, an average trucking fleet with 1,000 class 8 … Read more

Truckers and The Infrastructure Debate

Image of a truck driving through a poor infrastructure road filled with potholes

There’s a dire need to improve the nation’s infrastructure. It might be the only topic of conversation with unanimous support these days. Everyone can agree traffic jams and potholes are bad, and result in more vehicle maintenance and lower fuel efficiency. Experts have been warning for years that doing nothing is a far more costly … Read more

With Electric Trucks, a Tire Is Not Just a Tire

A truck driving on a green road past wind mills

Although it has long been dominated by a handful of large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the truck landscape is changing. While the traditional brand names remain the leaders of the pack, new entrants are eyeing market share as they develop zero-emission, electric trucks. Entering 2021, the electrification of the trucking industry remains in its infancy. … Read more

ATIS vs TPMS: Select the Right Tech for Your Fleet

A boxing match between ATIS and TPMS

Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) versus Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Who would win in a smackdown title match – Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) or Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)? Well, we may be biased, but there’s a reason our ATIS-based Halo Tire Inflator has grown in popularity year-over-year for the last decade with billions … Read more

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Halo Tire Inflator 10% off with code DRIVE

This week, we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. At Aperia, we want to take a moment and share our gratitude for our country’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers. So to all you drivers on the road today and every day, this one’s for you – It’s never been easy to be a truck driver. … Read more

Sustainability: Working Towards a Greener Planet

Halo Tire Inflator blending into Earth designating it as a environmentally friendly device with words saying: "Save the Planet one Halo at a time"

“We work hard to increase the efficiency of our own operations and strive to empower even greater impact by helping our customers increase the efficiency of theirs.” – Josh Carter, CEO and co-founder of Aperia Every year, Earth Day reminds us of our global impact and our relationship with the environment. This year, the message … Read more