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Elevating Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency: The Unparalleled Value of Auto-Tire Inflation Systems

Semi Truck Fuel Efficiency

Every long-haul trucker and fleet manager knows the importance of semi-truck fuel efficiency. With soaring fuel prices and an increasing emphasis on sustainability, the trucking industry is in constant pursuit of ways to optimize fuel consumption. Enter auto-tire inflation systems – a game-changer. It’s making waves in the industry, with credible organizations like the North … Read more

Beyond Standard TPMS: The Crucial Role of Customizable Tire Health Alerts

Customized Tire Health Alerts

As commercial vehicle fleets strive for peak performance and efficiency, tire health monitoring plays a pivotal role in maintaining safety, reducing downtime, and minimizing operational costs. While standard Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) offer valuable insights into tire pressure, they often fall short in meeting the diverse and specific requirements of modern fleets. Let’s delve … Read more

The Power of Unified Tire Management: Why a Single Tractor/Trailer Solution is Essential

power of unified tire maangement

Efficient tire management is crucial for the performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness of commercial vehicle fleets. When it comes to managing tires across tractors and trailers, adopting a unified tire management solution brings numerous benefits. A single solution that covers both tractors and trailers streamlines operations, improves maintenance practices, and optimizes cost savings. In this blog, … Read more

A Cost-Effective Strategy to Purchase EPA Compliant Trucks

Environmental Legislation Does Not Have to Increase Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Fleets Any time new greenhouse gas (GHG) legislation goes into effect, the industry prepares itself for the imminent price increases associated with compliant trucks.  However, with the right truck specification strategy, fleets can neutralize increased truck prices. They do this by equipping … Read more

3 Temperature-Related Tips to Eliminate Seasonal Tire Wear

Spring into Warmer Seasons with Tire Pressure Maintenance. As we move into warmer weather this spring season, now is the perfect time to implement valuable spring maintenance to keep tires healthy as temperatures heat up. Remember these temperature-related tips as you prepare your tractors and trailers for warm weather driving:.  Account for Added Heat and … Read more

How to Counteract Rising Costs with Technology

Fuel and tire prices may be skyrocketing, but Halo can bring your operating costs back down to earth with its fuel-efficiency benefits.   Record-breaking is one way to describe today’s fuel prices. Unpredictable is another. Rising costs hurt all drivers; provoke fear of the future and a re-evaluation of operational budgeting. Less widely discussed, but … Read more