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Aperia Celebrates Halo Tire Inflator® Milestone: 100 Billion Miles Driven


Aperia Technologies, the leading innovator in sustainable tire management solutions for medium- and heavy-duty fleets, is proud to announce a remarkable milestone for its flagship product, Halo Tire Inflator®. The Halo Tire Inflator has now traveled over 100 billion miles by customers spanning North America, Australia, and Europe.

This milestone underscores the durability and reliability of the Halo Tire Inflator, showcasing its proven capability to deliver substantial value across diverse vehicle applications and markets. In addition, the breadth of real-world tire performance data accumulated by Aperia demonstrates the trust the industry’s top companies have that the platform delivers industry-leading tire management. The data not only validates the effectiveness of Halo but is also a testament to Aperia’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of tire management technology.

“We are thrilled to reach this significant milestone of 100 billion miles driven with the Halo Tire Inflator,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies. “This achievement validates the trust our customers have placed in our innovative solutions and reinforces our commitment to delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.”

Aperia’s commitment to quality is illustrated by the Halo Tire Inflator’s minuscule warranty return rate, further proving its durability and effectiveness in real-world applications.

“This milestone is just one among many industry firsts for us,” added Carter. “Halo’s continued success and its highly accurate and intelligent analytics engine led to the recent launch of our first-ever intelligent automatic inflation solution – Halo Connect i3™.”

Since its inception, Halo has consistently saved fleets fuel costs, extended tire life, minimized tire-related downtime, and reduced harmful emissions. Halo running 100 billion miles on the road means that Halo actively saved over 716K metric tons of CO2 from being released. This impact is equivalent to growing 11.8M trees for ten years or removing nearly 155K passenger vehicles from the road for a year. With every mile driven, Halo continues to extend the life of tires and reduce hazardous waste. Sustainability remains at the core of Aperia’s mission to provide simple, reliable, and intelligent tire management solutions that drive transportation toward a greener future.

Aperia celebrates this achievement as it continues to revolutionize fleet tire management, providing solutions that deliver tangible benefits to both businesses and the environment.

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