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Aperia Becomes Exclusive Partner for Goodyear Tires-as-a-Service Solution with Halo® Tire Management

Goodyear has unveiled a groundbreaking subscription-based service called Tires-as-a-Service, designed to revolutionize the way fleets manage their tire needs. This innovative offering aims to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for fleet operators, providing them with a more efficient and cost-effective tire management solution.

Partnership with Aperia Technologies

Aperia Technologies is proud to be a part of this initiative, contributing its cutting-edge Halo Tire Inflator to enhance the performance and longevity of Goodyear’s tire solutions. The Halo Tire Inflator is a proven technology that automatically maintains optimal tire pressure, thereby improving fuel efficiency, extending tire life, and enhancing overall safety for fleet operators.

Features of Goodyear’s Tires-as-a-Service

Goodyear’s new service includes a comprehensive package designed to meet the diverse needs of fleet operators. Key features of the Tires-as-a-Service offering include:

  • Premium Goodyear tires equipped with tire intelligence technology to generate proactive insights 
  • Continuous, 24/7 tire monitoring and data collection from every tire 
  • Proactive alert management and service coordination 
  • Halo® Tire Inflator, a self-powered automatic tire inflation system installed on applicable wheel ends (through an exclusive agreement with Aperia Technologies) 
  • Access to Goodyear’s service network to dispatch technicians whenever needed

Driving Forward Together for a Safer, More Efficient Future

Aperia Technologies is excited to collaborate with Goodyear in this innovative Tires-as-a-Service offering. By integrating the Halo Tire Inflator, Goodyear’s new service promises to deliver unparalleled benefits to fleet operators, including reduced costs, improved safety, and enhanced performance. This partnership underscores Aperia Technologies’ commitment to advancing tire management solutions and supporting the trucking industry with state-of-the-art technology.